Re-Opening Statement

On May 20, 2020, Governor Lamont started the first phase of the CT reopening plan. Businesses were required to follow strict rules to keep their customers safe. We decided to wait until June 8th to open, allowing us time to monitor the local community and CT testing results to ensure the safety of our members. 


The safety of our members is our top priority, and we have implemented new policies and procedures to ensure our members are comfortable in their workplace.  


Please be aware that our hours of operation may change in compliance with Governor Lamont's orders.

Arrival Experience

As you enter the SHU West Campus, the Public Safety team at the entry guardhouse will verify your identity and ensure you have a face covering. It is a requirement that members and their guests bring and wear your mask while on campus and in the iHub. While in a private room such as a Conference Room, Phone Room, or Private Office, you don’t need to wear your mask while seated at your workstation. If moving around the space or at a Hot Desk without a partition set up, you are required to wear your mask. 

Social Distancing Policies

Social distancing guidelines will be enforced while on campus and in the iHub. Please stay at least 6FT away from other people and avoid physical contact. Keeping space between you and others is one of the best tools we have to slow the spread of COVID-19. Conference Rooms have had their occupancy reduced to members that are using private rooms within the iHub are expected to continue to practice social distancing. 

Space & Design Changes

We are following the Connecticut guidelines and enforcing social distancing in the iHub and have reduced our capacity to 50% to ensure proper distancing throughout the space.  

Alternating workstations have been removed from use. We ask that you do not move furniture or use restricted workstations. 

We also added partitions to many of our Dedicated Desk and Hot Desk workstations to allow members to remove their masks while seated at these desks. If you have any questions, please see our Community Manager. 

Food Handling

We have discontinued the use of shared flatware and ask that you please do not bring your own coffee or water mugs from home. Eco-friendly supplies are available at the Pantry for your use. 

Community food items have been temporarily removed to limit the spread of disease and we discourage members from sharing food or drinks. 

Cleaning & Sanitizing

We continue to actively clean and disinfect surfaces multiple times daily, and we encourage members and their guests to sanitize before and after using workstations, phone rooms, conference rooms, printers, and handles. Sanitizing stations are strategically placed throughout the iHub to allow convenient access to sanitizing spray, wipes, and hand sanitizer.