Meet the Staff

Corey Wain

Community Manager


The Community Manager provides day-to-day oversight and operational support for the iHub. They are the initial point of contact for all inquiries, member needs, current and future events, SHU engagement, and identifying opportunities for collaboration and innovation. They also serve as the liaison between Sacred Heart University, Verizon, and other sponsors to ensure alignment with iHub goals and objectives.

Jonathan Kennedy

iHub Community Program Manager


The iHub Program Manager serves as the student team leader for iHub interns. They help coordinate intern projects and identify ways of providing support to their team, serve as the face of the iHub to

fellow students and faculty, engage in community outreach, plan and

support events in the iHub, provide tours for prospective members, and

look for new and interesting ways for the iHub to further its student-

faculty-business alliance.

Alysabel Mamutuk

Website Designer


The Website Designer is responsible for creating and weaving

together visuals, content, infographics, video, and other creative

elements to support the iHub Program and make our site more compelling and interactive. They use their creative design skills to plan, implement, design, manage, and monitor upgrades to the website, troubleshoot website issues, cultivate and provide fresh content, and identify opportunities to expand site functionality and user engagement.

Are you a SHU student and need an internship?

We are currently hiring a Graphic Design & Website Administrator Intern and a Technical Writer Intern. Please visit our Handshake page to apply.