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Student Engagement



SHU’s Center for Career and Development has an office on-site in the iHub, and will provide support to iHub members in securing a SHU student for an internship. Their support runs all the way from strategic planning to discuss internship possibilities, assistance with tailoring job descriptions, recruiting, and follow-up mentoring and support throughout the internship both for you and your interns.

Career Fairs

In addition to all the other benefits of membership at the iHub, our members also have the opportunity to participate in internship fairs, career fairs, and recruiting events held at SHU. We can even go as far as holding our own recruiting events directly in the iHub!

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Guest Speaker

Class Project

Engage with students

in a one-time visit to

work through an issue 

 or lead a discussion on

a topic of your choosing.

Coordinate with an

instructor to bring an

issue for teams of

 a period of weeks or 


Engage with a team of 

hand-selected qualified 

students and a faculty 

advisor for a semester-

long engagement to work 

through more complex 

challenges or issues.

students to work on over

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