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The iHub is a center on campus that has been built for you. It is where you can find opportunities to work with companies of all sizes across all industries. You can gain real world experience by working with corporate mentors through on-campus internships, independent projects, and other programs.


About Internships

Imagine having unparalleled access to the workforce of tomorrow, today. It’s possible at the SHU iHub Powered by Verizon, a center devoted to the future of business: creativity, ideation, experiential learning, and innovation. 


The iHub enables companies to harness the power of students and faculty from more than 130 academic programs to bring ideas and solutions relevant to your business from a student body that is bright, bold, and digital media savvy. Meet on-site with SHU Center for Career & Professional Development professionals to discuss your needs, and learn how they can help you find the perfect student intern(s) to help your business grow and flourish!


Unsure where to start?

Don't see what you're looking for?

Please check Handshake, contact SHU Career & Development, or reach out to us directly to check on currently available internships!

Internship Positions

Examples of Internships previously filled by local employers:

  • Accounting & Taxation

  • Assistant Community Manager

  • Business Development

  • Creative Writing / Social Media Coordinator

  • Data Management

  • Data Research

  • Digital Marketing

  • Fashion Blogger / Creative Writing

  • Graphic Designer

  • Marketing & Business Development

  • Python Developer

  • Social Media & Marketing Manager

  • Social Media / Marketing / Sales

  • Software Developer

  • Website Manager / Social Media / Marketing

  • Website Manager

  • Website & System Design



My first thought when I found out about the iHub was, “Why isn’t everyone talking about this?”  I knew immediately that this was an opportunity that I could not pass up.  Starting as a first semester sophomore was extremely intimidating for me, but within my first day I could tell that I was going to be a valued asset of a very well-versed team.  Each and every day I was not only allowed, but encouraged, to share my input and was able to watch as that idea was brought to reality.  This hands-on experience is transforming the entire internship model allowing students to see first hand what goes into running a business. The iHub provides students an opportunity to get real-world experience at a safe distance. 

—  Jonathan Kennedy, Assistant Community Manager, Class of 2022

Case Studies

SHU is continuing to expand its experiential learning opportunities, and one way they’re doing so it by bringing local businesses into the classroom. If the material and opportunity is the right fit, Professors are able to replace their curriculum with real-life issues challenging local companies. This classroom structure allows a company to present an issue or challenge to a class of students to work on, and allows students to see real issues and develop deliverables for companies to potentially apply to their current processes

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