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SHU iHub

SHU iHub Powered by Verizon is an 8,000 SF space that can be used to test your company's products and concepts in a live environment.

Artificial Intelligence

(AI) Lab

The WCBT’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab includes 40 computers with advanced processing capabilities and dedicated servers. Used by students during courses on AI and by faculty for their research in the applications of AI in marketing, accounting and other business fields.

It features:

  • State-of-the-art eye trackers

  • Object recognition equipment

  • 3x3 video wall with flexible controller data analysis and visualization

  • Flash-based, high-speed storage

AI Lab

SHU’s 1,500-square-foot augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (XR) lab. Support experience-based learning and applied research across disciplines from gaming to marketing to history. Provides hand-on learning and prototyping experience with immersive technologies.

It features: 

  • Two-classroom lab space, computers equipped for augmented and virtual-reality production

  • 2D/3D animation production

  • Spatial sound studio for recording and composition 

  • Interactive media gallery

AR Lab

NeXReality (AR) Lab

Business Analytics Lab

The WCBT’s 1,400-square-foot business analytics lab brings business and technology students and faculty together to do research on how data and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing business.

It features: 

  • High-powered computers equipped with financial databases (Capital IQ, Data Stream, Python, MATLAB, SAS),

  • Tools for financial analytics, database mining, management and visualization

  • Supports advanced courses in supply chain, accounting, pricing and revenue analytics

Business Analytics Lab

Computational Financial Lab

The WCBT’s 1,500-square-foot computational finance lab is a state-of-the-art teaching and research facility that bridges the gap between financial theory and analytics. The lab provides first-hand exposure to trading, portfolio construction, financial intelligence and risk management.

It features:

  • LCD ticker-tape display that provides a continuous stream of NASDAQ and NYSE information

  • Bloomberg terminals and access to real-time financial information and analysis

  • Data-feeds from Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS), and the Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) and Barron’s/Dow Jones. 

Computational Financial Lab

Cybersecurity Lab

SHU’s 1,300-square-foot cybersecurity lab provides a collaborative and hands-on learning environment to simulate cyber threats, design responses and defense strategies. The lab supports education, research, training and community outreach in cybersecurity and privacy.
It features:

  • 40 workstations outfitted with specialized software, such as, virtualization, forensic analysis, and decryption

  • Dedicated high-security network for malware analysis and penetration testing, and network-attached storage (NAS)

  • Domain servers, network switches and firewalls

Cybersecurity Lab

SHU’s 11,000-square-foot IDEA Lab (Innovate, Design, Engineer, Apply) has been designed to enhance experiential learning. State-of-the-art equipment for the creation and prototyping of new products.

It features:

  • Digital design and advanced manufacturing (range of 3D printers)

  • Laser cutting and tool-and-die casting

  • Material characterization and testing

  • Motion-capture cameras for testing of robots and drones



Motion Capture and Prototyping Lab

Motion Capture and Portable Sound Lab

The motion capture and prototyping lab features:

  • High-speed cameras to record motion (120 frames per second)

  • Proprietary software to capture biped motion as digital editable files 

  • Skeleton data software to build a 3D character in separate graphic platforms 

  • High-quality microphones, recorders and ambient sound masking equipment 

  • Sound capture for use in VR and gaming

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